Lawndale Triangle on Chicago Tonight

lawndale screencap

A terrific video piece on Lawndale Triangle Garden, a new NeighborSpace-protected site.

There was also an empty lot that Stallworth saw as an opportunity. There used to be homes here that she says were torn down in the 1970s, and it’s been empty ever since. Now, it’s becoming a community garden with a focus on bringing young people and seniors together.

“They are going to be able to come to an area where they can get a little exercise and garden and have fresh vegetables and fruits,” Stallworth said. “We have a lot of gardeners in the triangle, but they have no place to garden.”

The park, which is scheduled to open later this year, will also have a walking path and a seating area. Stallworth and her neighbors got help from the city, which purchased the lot, and from the nonprofit group NeighborSpace, which helps manage community green space around Chicago

Chicago Tonight: “Creating Green Space in the Lawndale Triangle”