Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance

Maximize Bionutrients with this Two-Day Workshop

The Bionutrient Food Association’s Dan Kittredge is leading a series of workshops around the country targeted at growing the most nutrient-rich crops possible. The Chicago workshop takes place Saturday, March 29th and Sunday March 30th, and you can register here. The North Lawndale Greening Committee, The Garfield Park Community Council, and The Garfield Park Conservatory… Read more Maximize Bionutrients with this Two-Day Workshop

3317 West Walnut Garden

View NeighborSpace in a larger map The garden was founded in 1980 by Nathaniel Dean. Two homes originally sat on the lot, but burned and were demolished. Mr. Dean and his family cleaned up the lot and transformed it into a community garden. Mr. Dean and family are the primary gardeners, but others from the… Read more 3317 West Walnut Garden