Vote: Howard Area Community Garden edible public garden boxes nominated for prize

Intrepid Howard Area Community Garden Leade Katje Sabin informs us that you can vote for the garden’s public edible boxes and help them win pizes from Gethsemane Garden Center!

VOTE HERE for Corner of Juneway and Hermitage

juneway hermitage


State Representative Kelly Cassidy of the 14th District is hosting a contest for the best parkway project in our area, and Howard Area Community Garden’s new edible public garden boxes qualified for the online vote.

Please go to the link below to vote (we are listed as “Corner of Juneway and Hermitage”), then ask your friends and family to vote, too.

We could win a nice big gift certificate to Gethsemane Garden Center to improve our garden! LET’S DO THIS! Please spread the word and let’s help our garden WIN!

Here’s the link to vote:

Thank you!