NeighborSpace is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and we depend upon charitable donations to continue serving Chicago’s gardens, gardeners, and neighborhoods. Click here to find out how to donate. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Roots: $5,000+

City of Chicago
Chicago Park District
The Clif Bar Family Foundation
The Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children
The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation

The Field Foundation
Forest Preserve District of Cook County
The Glasser and Rosenthal Family Foundation at the Chicago Community Trust
The Home Depot Foundation
The Walter S. Mander Foundation
The Prince Charitable Trust
The Stenning on Lake Geneva Conservancy Society
Whole Foods Markets Chicago

Trees: $2,500+

The Baird Foundation
Veggie Bingo at the Hideout
Christy Webber

Branches: $1,000+

Diana Balmori
Josh Bernat
Cynthia Bergmann
Captain Planet Foundation
Catholic Bishops of Chicago
Cross Road Films
The Doug and Betsey Schwab and Family Foundation
Beth White

Bees: $500+

Alicia Berg
Kathleen Dickhut
Timothy Iteen
MacArthur Foundation
Mondelez International Foundation
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Uhlir Consulting

Leaves: $250+

Altamanu, Inc.
Gia Biagi
Janet Hanley
Edward Loeb
Trish May
Mission Accounting, Inc
Native Foods

Sprouts: $100+

21st Century Home Experts, LLC
Daniel Bonert
Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr.
Peter Carbonetto
Christine Carlyle
Children’s Garden of Hope and Nobel Neighbors
Glenda Daniel
Gerald and Lorean Earles
Laura Elias
Norman and Betty Elkin
Christine Esposito
The Gardeners of Frankie Machine Garden
Humberto Guzman
Harris Associates
Annette Held
Margot and Kenny Helphand
Ferd Kramer Memorial Garden
Katherine Laing
Rafael Leon
James and Janice Lundeen
Adrienne Meisel
Scott Mehaffey
Tom and Dawn Moline
Mark Moxley
Patricia Katherine Novick and Gerald de Jaager
Old Town Tri-Angle Garden
Jewel Otten
Chris Slattery
Jack Spicer and Hyde Park Landscaping
Tranquil Garden
Anne Voshel
Michael Wasserman
Windy City Harvest

Seeds: $50+

Austin Green Team
Jill Allread
John Castanoll
Alderman Rey Colón
Maria Bailey
Michelle T. Boone
Fenton Booth
Gregory Bork, Jr.
Anne Boyle
Adam Burck
Meredith Conn
Andrew Dahl
Joyce Fernandes
Drake Garden
Christopher Gent
Enrique Gonzalez
Terry Guen
Josh and Anna Harris
Liz Huyck
Jim Javenkoski
Kevin Kalinowski
Anne Kauth
Amy Kelly
Lorraine Kells
Sheri Latash
Pete Leki and Deboarh Albano
Little Village and Enlace Garden
Carla Mayer
Scott Mehaffey
Sue Murray
Otha and Zoann Nance
Adam and Debra Natenshon
Cathy Osika
Justine Price
Dorothy, Peter, Frederick & Maya Pytel
Public Good Software
Responsible Investment Group
Wendy Schulenberg
Thomas Street Garden
Irene Krull Vitullo
Sarah Ward
Xochiquetzal Garden

Gifts in Kind

Baker Creek Seed Company
Ball Horticultural Company
Bartlett Tree Experts
Chicago Flower and Garden Show
Christy Webber Landscapes and Christy Webber Farm and Garden
Gardeners Supply Company
GET Group, Inc.
Johnny’s Select Seeds
Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse
Lake Street Landscape
Lurie Garden
Midwest Ecological Landscape Alliance (MELA)
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Sprout Home
Territorial Seed Company

NeighborSpace makes every effort to ensure that our list of supporters is accurate and up-to-date with names of people and organizations who have donated at the $50 or above in the past year. If you believe you have found an error, please contact and it will be corrected as soon as possible.

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