Wood Chips Ahoy

There’s a new way to get free wood chips for your garden.

We are excited to announce that Bartlett Tree Experts are generously donating wood chips to NeighborSpace gardens — sourcing, transporting, and dropping off the chips completely free of charge.


When trees come down in Chicago, the resulting wood needs to go somewhere. We think we can keep it in the city and in your gardens Рeverybody wins. This is a huge boon for gardens planning workdays to refresh their pathways.

Please visit the Free Wood Chip Request Form to order wood chips for your garden.

Some tips:

  • To serve more gardens and keep things running smoothly, we encourage nearby gardens to pair up and split a truckload of wood chips if you think one load (12 cubic yards) will be too much for one garden. In the case that you are not familiar with any nearby gardens, we can try and help connect you to others.
  • Since there is often no way to tell when a tree comes down, most wood chips become available without much notice. Wood chips will likely need to be dropped off when no-one is at the garden, so it’s important to be extremely clear when listing your drop off location .

Don’t hesitate to contact us with further questions or concerns, and ensure that your garden can benefit from the generosity of Bartlett Tree Experts.