It’s time for GardenKeepers!

It’s time again to sign up for Openlands’s terrific GardenKeepers class. This year’s session will take place at McKinley Library Park.

Register at the Openlands website. Registration deadline is October 29th.


Do you want to grow your own food in a garden you share with friends and neighbors?

Are you a part of a community garden that you think could be improved so that more people would participate, share work and resources, and manage the garden together?

GardenKeepers is an interactive, hands-on introduction to Community Gardening focused on Earth friendly, chemical free methods conserving natural resources. Participants will learn how to organize and run a successful, long-lasting, community allotment garden together with friends and neighbors. GardenKeepers is designed to help both an existing garden that may need this broad range of information and support as well as a garden that is in the “We Wish We Had a Garden!” stage.