Mozart’s Garden seeking Saturday volunteers

Angela O’Rourke ( of Mozart’s Garden is looking for volunteers for this Saturday. Enjoy some outdoors time before Chicago winter comes!

As for Volunteers, we just got a wood chip delivery which needs to be moved to the middle part of our garden. So if Gardeners from the Openlands Gardenkeeper class would like to come volunteer for a couple of hours on Saturday after class that would be great!

On Sunday we are planning a workday to build beds starting at 10 AM – 3 pm is my guess. Plan is to build 3-5 raised garden beds. So we would be cutting, assembling and anchoring them. If you could get us some volunteers for that we would love it!

Also we are planning one last workday after that on Sunday November 2 to fill the beds with soil and winterize the garden. Start also 10AM.