Workday at our new garden at 23rd and Whipple this Friday

Little Village is welcoming a new NeighborSpace-protected garden at 23rd and Whipple with a workday this Friday. Come join us and get your hands in the earth.

Good Afternoon,

 Join us at the 23rd and Whipple Community Garden Workday. The workday will take place this Friday, April 26th from 9am -2pm. Help us build and install two new garden gateways. We look forward to sharing the day with you!

Buenas Tardes,

Acompáñenos este viernes, 26 de abril, para el Día de Trabajo en el Jardín Comunitario de 23rd & Whipple. El día de trabajo será de las 9:00 am a las 2 pm. Vamos a construir y instalar dos entradas nuevas. Nos gustaría compartir el día y la experiencia con ustedes y toda la comunidad. ¡Los esperamos!

 Please forward the flyer to family and friends. 

whipple 23rd flyer