Free July Teen Urban Ag Camp at KAMII

The KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation  is holding their free Food Justice and Sustainability Young Leadership Summer Program for the third year:

Food Justice and Sustainability.

Leadership Development.

A unique opportunity for teens.

Apply to KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation’s third annual Food Justice and Sustainability Young Leadership Summer Program. Experience the world of urban agriculture with other Chicago-area high school students.

The program is free and open to high school students entering grades 9–12. It will be held at KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation at 1100 East Hyde Park Boulevard in Chicago during the four Sundays of July 2013.

Hands-on training in KAM Isaiah Israel’s award-winning, food-producing gardens will focus on urban farming methods and sustainable land use. In addition, students will participate in two workshops each week. In the first, leaders of different faith communities will present their faith’s teachings on sustainability and food justice. During the afternoon workshops students will learn from experienced urban farmers and environmentalists about land use, sustainability, urban agriculture, local food production and healthy cooking and eating.