Year: 2011

Xochiquetzal Peace Garden

Teachers at Whittier Elementary school joined together with community residents and students in Pilsen to build the Xochiquetzal Peace Garden so they could teach students about the environment and the role of nature in their lives and future.

Warner Park and Garden

Warner Park and Gardens in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood is an example of what one individual can do when they are determined to create a green and open space for their community.

Victory Garden

The Victory Garden in the South Chicago neighborhood is another example of Chicago’s residents deciding to clean up their neighborhood and removing another empty lot eye-sore. The garden is a shady respite to residents of this neighborhood.

Unity Garden

The Unity Garden is a green and open space in Chicago’s North Lawndale area. The garden was named by a local schoolgirl who won an essay contest for the garden.


When you think of the area near Midway International Airport you may not always think of it a destination, but the Clearing area has a unique park offering residents one of the most eclectic mix of sights, sounds and textures in Chicago.

Turtle Park And Garden

This garden in Chicago’s Albany Park once was home to a large stone turtle that it was named after. Turtle Park and Garden is home to kids activities throughout the year and it is shared with the areas older neighbors and the areas diverse residents.