Turtle Park And Garden

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Year Established: 2001
Local Leader: Roya Mehrnoosh and Blanca Arias
Community Group: Turtle Park Committee, Albany Park Community Center, West River Park Neighbors
NeighborSpace Partnership: 2004

The sunny west end of Turtle Park and Garden is home to numerous beds of herbs and vegetables tended by local residents, while the shadier east side is a multi-use park featuring dozens of varieties of flowering plants and trees. Initial creation of the space as a community park began in 1987 when longtime resident activists Evelyn Zaar and Elmer Lorenz started gathering people to pick up accumulated trash and pull weeds on a regular basis. They enlisted the help of several neighborhood organizations to strengthen the cause and eventually NeighborSpace became involved, bringing to the table numerous resources that secured the land as Turtle Park and Garden. Since Evelyn’s passing, new neighbors have stepped forward to ensure Turtle Park’s continued vibrancy.

Contact: Roya at 312.933.1614