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Bowmanville Community Garden

Nestled against a wall of the Rosehill Cemetery sits the Bowmanville Community Garden in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood. A young community garden that has seen many changes in just a few years.

African Heritage Garden

The African Heritage Garden in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood is a unique community garden in Chicago because it highlights plants that originated on the African continent and pay homage to this with a garden bed shaped like the African continent.

Community Exchange Garden

The “garden of hope” in the South Chicago neighborhood went through a period of decline as this Chicago block was overrun by street violence. Eventually, the residents and the Centro Communitario Juan Diego decided to take action and reclaimed their neighborhood, their lives and their garden.

4400 Maypole Block Club Garden

A beautiful garden in the 4400 West Maypole area in Chicago’s West Garfield Park tended to by local residents. This community garden rose from the rubble of an abandoned building that was torn down.

1900 S. Ridgeway Enabling Garden

View NeighborSpace in a larger map Established: 1992 Local Leaders: Willie Marks and Mildred Harris Community Group: 1900 S. Ridgeway Block Club NeighborSpace Partnership: 1998 While most community gardens benefit their respective neighborhoods in a wide variety of ways, the 1900 S. Ridgeway Enabling Garden is one of a handful of green spaces in Chicago… Read more 1900 S. Ridgeway Enabling Garden