4400 Maypole Block Club Garden


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Address: 222-30 N. Kenneth Ave
Neighborhood/Community Area: West Garfield Park
Garden Established: 1995
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2004
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Community Partners: 4400 Maypole Block Club

About the garden: The Maypole Avenue Block Club has a long history of caring for the 4400 West Maypole area – keeping it clean and safe. Originally the spot of an abandoned building, the Block Club took action to address the blight and establish an early version of the garden. In community leader Minnie Smith’s words, they set out to turn the eyesore into a place that better reflected the spirit of the community: “The Maypole Block Club members decided to take charge and clean this space to create a beautiful neighborhood garden where we would be able to enjoy the beauty of a garden created in love and respect.”

The physical beauty of the Maypole Block Club Garden is obvious; it’s centrally located gazebo features hanging baskets of brightly colored flowers and ample seating around its perimeter. A spectacular bed of roses just beyond the garden’s entrance greets all visitors with its red-hued blooms. But beyond the garden’s physical attributes, it offers residents a spirit of community respect that started with the Block Club and resulted in the development of the Maypole Garden that has strengthened the overall neighborhood. “It’s like the garden made the block more peaceful,” says Minnie who lives directly across from the garden. “More people started to respect the space and the block since there is somewhere for them to enjoy the outdoors.” From one weekend to the next the Maypole Garden plays host to a range of neighborhood events, from potluck lunches to birthday parties.