3317 West Walnut Garden

Contact Information: Please call 773-722-8205
Address: 3317 W. Walnut
Neighborhood/Community Area: Garfield Park
Garden Established: 1980
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2008
Social Media/Website:
Community Partners: Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance and East Garfield New Communities Program

About the garden: The garden was founded in 1980 by longtime resident Nathaniel Dean. Two homes originally occupied the lot but were demolished due to fire. The Dean family organized the lot and transformed it into a community garden. The Dean family are the primary stewards but the garden acts as community space for social gatherings and summer cook-outs. Since the 1980’s, food harvested from the garden is distributed among the neighbors. These amazing vegetables include corn, peppers, tomatoes, collard greens, and a variety of herbs grow in the garden.