Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden

Contact Information: Martie Sanders at
Address: 4919 N. Winthrop Avenue
Neighborhood/Community Area: Uptown
Garden Established: 2013
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2015
Social Media/Website: Green Scene Chicago
Community Partners: 
Green Scene ChicagoChinese Mutual Aid Association, Vietnamese Association of Illinois, McCutcheon and Uplift Schools

About the garden: Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden resides on a residential lot on Winthrop in Uptown. The garden was intentionally laid out to be 100% wheel chair accessible and serves as a community garden, teaching garden, and arts venue for outdoor neighborhood performances. The raised garden beds are dedicated to gardening groups: six neighborhood families, Green Scene Chicago’s teen apprentices, Chinese Mutual Aid Association, Chicago Uptown Ministry’s Juntos Program, Vietnamese Association of Illinois, and McCutcheon and Uplift schools. Nestled in Uptown just steps from the Argyle corridor and the famous mural that depicts Uptown’s diverse population and rich immigrant history, Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden is a place that embraces and celebrates this wide diversity of cultures in everything from our gardening members to the foods we grow collectively to the arts programming we create and present.

Our performing arts programming, produced in tandem with Green Scene Chicago’s mission to “to link community members across generations and cultures by using organic gardening lessons to inspire story performances and by using the garden site as a theater” has brought audiences to the garden to see everything from wind ensembles, to swing jazz, to hip hop, rap, dance, native drumming, and theater. Our hands on workshops have included African Dance, poetry, and crafting. We celebrate the harvest with an Asian tradition of “Welcoming the Moon” and we welcome you. Please stop by!