2021 Water Access for Chicago Urban Growers

In preparation for the upcoming growing season, a 2021 Hydrant permit program is being developed by the City of Chicago’s Department of Water Management, with cooperation and input from Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA), NeighborSpace (NBSP), the Chicago Food Policy Action Council (CFPAC), and others.

For information and technical assistance in navigating the 2021 requirements, please use the resources below.

Water Access Application:

Current City of Chicago Hydrant Use Permit Application

2021 Water Access Application Guide

Additional Resources:

2021 Water Access Office Hours

Financial and Technical Support

2021 Hydrant Use Permit FAQ’s

2021 Water Access – Plumber’s Guide

Fully Assembled RPZ with Parts Labeled

Rain Barrel Maintenance & FAQ — Coming Soon

2021 Water Access – Presentation

2021 Water Access – Feb 4th Zoom Meeting Recording

Advocates for Urban Agriculture Water Access
Chicago Food Policy Action Council Water Access
Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Water Access

For technical support, please contact:



Please include details on issues navigating the 2021 application in the subject line of these emails to better assist.

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