2021 Veggie Bingo RETURNS!

Veggie Bingo is BACK!!

We’re closing  our virtual Veggie Bingo parlor and opening up the Hideout patio for some live bingo! Ready to leave the house, hang out with some friends, socialize on the AMAZING Hideout patio, being entertained by local celebs, doing good for community gardens, all while winning all the green goodies you can eat? Us too!

Where: The Hideout located at 1354 W Wabansia in Chicago
When: Every Wednesday Night, starting July 7th – August 25th
Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm *doors open at 5:30 pm for a prompt 6 pm ball drop
Cost: $12.25 for entry and 1 bingo card
Additional bingo cards and hotdogs will be available for purchase.

– This event requires proof of vaccination
– Children who are not vaccinated cannot attend events/shows at Hideout
– Veggie Bingo will be held on Hideout’s outdoor patio only *weather permitting
– Please have your e-ticket and proof of vaccination on your phone ready to be scanned by the Hideout staff
– Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
– There are a limited amount of tickets available so get yours soon!
Tickets are available on the Hideout website Click on the date to purchase tickets.
July 7th with Dag Juhlin and Kenn Goodman and Belmont Cragin Garden *SOLD OUT*
July 14th with Jon Langford and Martin Billheimer and Hermitage Street Community Gardens
July 21st with Mr. & Mrs. Wednesday Night and McKinley Community Play Garden
July 28th with Lisa Martain Hoffer and Evan Hoffman and Drake Garden
August 4th with Andrew Sa and Liam Kazar and Children’s Garden of Hope
August 11th with David Kodeski and Edward Thomas-Herrera and Bronzeville Neighborhood Farm
August 18th with Sarah Dandelles and Jennifer Quinlan and Lawndale Triangle Garden
August 25th with Seth Bockley and Ginkgo Organic Gardens

Questions? Email Jasmine at veggiebingo@neighbor-space.org 

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July 7th
Guest Callers: Dag Juhlin from the from Expo 76, Poi Dog Pondering, and the Sunshine Boys and Kenn Goodman from Expo ’76, The Imperial Sound, The Renaldo Domino Experience, and The Goldstars
Featured Garden: Belmont Cragin Garden
Belmont Cragin Garden is committed to harnessing the skills and talents of neighborhood residents to build a common space where we, as a community, can learn and grow from one another. Our goal is to have our garden act as a space where local schools, teachers, mentors, and families can learn to grow healthy food, learn of the ground and environment, socialize, partake in educational workshops, health and exercise classes, enjoy fun events and interactive activities for the entire family. Founded in 2018, our garden is in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood, which is predominantly working-class Latinx families. It is a beautiful gem, located near our local shopping plaza.
Recently, we added a tiny library and envision adding a permanent food pantry. We also anticipate paths for exploration, seating areas for contemplation, a nature play site, sculptures and much more!

July 14th
Guest Callers: Jon Langford, founding member of the Mekons, Three Johns and Waco Brothers. Jon paints and plays music in Chicago. Since the mid-1980s he has been one of the leaders in incorporating folk and country music into punk rock. He has released a number of solo recordings as well as recordings with other bands outside of The Mekons, most notably the Waco Brothers, which he co-founded after moving to Chicago in the early 1990s. (From Yard Dog Gallery)
Martin Billheimer founded the semi-notorious noise-punk band the Devil Bell Hippies in 1983 and participated in anti-fascist organizing in the music scene. After dropping out of high school, he continued his education working as a dishwasher, house painter, construction worker, and furniture mover. He continues to perform and record music in various projects around Chicago and has acted in pantomimes, puppet theater, and agitprop. He writes on culture, art, and politics at Counterpunch online and the Chiseler. (Author Credit: Barnes and Noble)
Featured Garden: Hermitage Street Community Gardens
The Hermitage Community Gardens are located at 5643-55 S. Hermitage st, Chicago, IL 60636 and are dedicated to providing low income families with at risk and vulnerable youths with garden space, and education and recreation pavilions. The gardens have been established to help build the community with healthy green living space in an urban setting in the heart of our city, giving old and young alike the chance to get their hands in the soil and enjoy nature in a community setting. Our garden projects are a teaching and learning space for gardeners, students and volunteers! A place where we grow and harvest fresh, healthy food, conduct workshops and community events providing opportunities to learn and share knowledge and engage the community around issues of sustainable healthy living! The mission of the Hermitage Community Gardens is to use organic gardening lessons and workshops to encourage and help at-risk kids and families practice healthy growing and eating habits. We conduct annually a Summer Youth Camp that is a great way to engage youth and keep them safe during the summer months in our community.

July 21st
Guest Callers: Mr. & Mrs. Wednesday Night. (From MMWN on Facebook) Ever wake from a wonderfully weird dream and wish you could remember the details? That’s the universe the MAMWN show lives inside. An absurd, mostly-improvised, old-school variety show chock full of fantastic live music, comedy, puppets, and much more…
Featured Garden: McKinley Community Play Garden 
A nature playspace just south of the McKinley Park Library. It is open to the public and maintained by community volunteers.

July 28th
Guest Callers: Lisa Martain Hoffer; Corporate giving fundraiser at the Museum of Science and Industry, mom of 2 radical teenage girls, nostalgic Reader alum and middle-aged Rockette who still takes the occasional ballet class and Evan Hoffman; dance educator, creative movement artist, DJ, lover/fighter for justice and planet, as well as one of the leaders of Drake Garden.
Featured Garden: Drake Garden: Founded in the 1990s, Drake Gardens has forged a bond among the diverse neighborhood residents, who have come together to celebrate the spirit of community & nature.

August 4th
Guest Callers: Andrew Sa and Liam Kazar; (Hideout Chicago) Liam Kazar and Andrew Sa are both crooners with voices that are as timeless as they are flawless. Kazar has been a sideman to Jeff Tweedy and Steve Gunn, but is stepping out with his new album Due North on August 6th (Mare/Woodsist). Chicago’s country crooner Andrew Sa grew his musical relationship with Liam at the campy alien event, the Cosmic Country Showcase, where Sa was the apparent star. Andrew Sa’s next project Andrew In Anotherland debuts at Millennium Park August 16th. Hear both of them sing a duet and star in the music video “No Time For Eternity” from Liam’s new album (out 8/3).
Featured Garden: Children’s Garden of Hope: The garden was started by three long-time residents of the West Humboldt Park community. They wanted to improve the safety and education for the children in the neighborhood. It was created to be a place where children can learn gardening skills and come together as part of the community to appreciate the beauty of growing things. They will be able to carry these skills with them for the rest of their lives. In addition to the nature play site, there are several raised beds in the garden for growing vegetables and perennials, and a shading seating area.

August 11th
Guest Callers: David Kodeski and Edward Thomas-Herrera.
Writer/performer David Kodeski lives in Chicago. He loves to handle balls until you shout BINGO! Edward Thomas-Herrera is a poet, performer, and playwright who’s been living and working in Chicago for the past 30+ years. He’s been known to cry at the opera.
Featured Garden: Bronzeville Neighborhood Farm
Uniting the Land and the People: “Don’t take your food for granted.” The Bronzeville Neighborhood Farm is working to connect city dwellers to the land and to the basics of organic food production. Many young people tend to think food magically appears on grocery store shelves. Operating a functioning farm within walking distance allows residents of all ages to see firsthand how the food production process works in real time.

August 18th
Guest Callers: Veteran bingo callers Sarah Dandelles and Jennifer Quinlan
Featured Garden: Lawndale Triangle Garden

August 25th
Guest Callers: Seth Bockley
Featured Garden: Ginkgo Organic Gardens: (from Ginkgo Organic Gardens)
Ginkgo Organic Gardens is a community pantry garden in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. We employ sustainable agricultural practices to grow heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables. We donate our produce to organizations that serve people who struggle with poverty and illness.
Through volunteer work days, we provide opportunities for individuals and groups to contribute to our mission of being stewards of the land while serving others with high-quality food.
Founded in 1994, we’re one of the oldest continually operating community gardens in the city. We grow and give a half-ton of fresh produce a year, with the help of hundreds of volunteers.

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