Vedgewater Garden

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6300 N Broadway St Chicago IL 60660
Neighborhood/Community Area: 
Edgewater, 77
Garden Established:
Protected by NeighborSpace:
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Community Partners:
Edgewater Environmental Coalition, Loyola University, Edwater Chamber of Commerce, Edgewater Mutual Aid Network, 48th Ward

About the Garden: The Garden entered a new era in 2023. Originally formed under Peterson Garden Project, in 2022 a new volunteer leadership committee came together to steward the garden and entered into agreement with NeighborSpace and a new lease agreement with NeighborSpace and a new lease agreement with Loyola. The garden is on land donated for the garden’s use by Loyola University.

There are over 150 rental plots, plus communal, commons, and grow to give bed for both plot renters and non-renters to grow in.

Harvest are donated to the Edgewater Mutual Aid Network and Care for Real’s food pantry.

Garden Workdays: 15th of the month April-October, weekends: 10:30am-12:30pm, weekdays 5:30pm-sunset.

Volunteering means helping us with communal beds of native plants and beds of edibles distributed to volunteers as well as the Edgewater Mutual Aid Network’s weekly free food distribution and Care for Real. You’ll help tend to the community garden, with tasks including trash pick-up in common areas, weeding around the perimeter, and spreading wood chips / compost.

All volunteer days for the season are posted here. Outside of the standard volunteer days, we have harvest days too, information here

There are many opportunities for non-rental-plot neighbors to get involved! Learn more about what is going on in the garden here. Sign up for the Edgewater Environmental Coalition’s (EEC) mailing list here. EEC is the community partner and part of the volunteer leadership committee running the garden on a day-to-day basis. 

Volunteering Mailing List Sign up here.

Wait List Sign Up: Interested in a rental plot? Complete this waitlist form. We will be in touch when a spot opens up.