Mindful Living Community Garden

Contact Information: Connect with a Garden Leader at mindful@neighbor-space.org
Address: 3323 N Drake Avenue
Neighborhood/Community Area: Avondale
Garden Established: 2008
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2015
Social Media/Website: 
Facebook: Mindful Living Community Garden
Website: Mindful Living Community Garden
Community Partners: Avondale Gardening Alliance,

About the Garden: (From Mindful Living Community Garden on Facebook)
The Mindful Living Organization is a dedicated group of neighbors and volunteers who have created an urban garden oasis on a once vacant lot on Chicago’s northwest side. In 2009, we leveled the lot, built and installed 5 organic raised beds, and began work on ornamental plantings. In the second year, we developed our ornamentals and constructed a 3 bin composter, as well as reconstructing existing beds to maximize our growing space in year three. In that time, we’ve also hosted 2 successful fundraising events and have been awarded 2 grants providing both materials and financial support. With our next growing season right around the corner, we have been hard at work brainstorming and working on plans for EXCITING things to come. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to another great year in the Mindful Living Gardens.