LeClaire Community Garden

Contact Information: Email a garden leader at austingreenteam1@gmail.com
Address: 415 N. LeClaire Ave
Neighborhood/Community Area: Austin
Garden Established: 2008
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2009
Social Media/Website:
Facebook: @austingreenteam1
Website: Austin Green Team
Community Partners: 400 N. LeClaire Block Club, Austin Green TeamAustin Garden Collective
Garden Workdays: Volunteer with the Austin Green Team
About the Garden:
This garden started in 2008 with the help of Dorothy White and Mary Peery. The neighbors wanted a vacant lot on the block to become a safe, beautiful, public green space instead of just another building or, worse, a haven for gang activity. Clarence Burge and a few other neighbors garden along with the Austin Green Team. There are also volunteers from out of state that help out in the garden during the summer. Since it started it’s been a flower garden, but raised beds were recently constructed in the garden. This next growing season they will plant herbs and a few vegetable plants in the raised beds.