LaPointe Park

Contact Information: Email a Garden Leader at
Address: 4741 North Manor
Neighborhood/Community Area: Ravenswood
Garden Established: 1914
Protected by NeighborSpace: 1997
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Facebook: LaPointe Park
Fundraising: LaPointe Park GoFundMe
Community Partners: Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association
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About the Garden: (From Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association)
Gardeners of all experience levels are invited to join the LaPointe Park Community Garden. The RMIA and dozens of neighbors contribute to the care and maintenance of LaPointe Park, at the corner of Manor and Giddings. The Community Garden grows in the large raised bed along the north edge of the park. The garden provides individual plots, roughly 4’x7′ with pathways between, where neighbor families grow a wide variety of fresh produce for themselves. Individual gardeners provide their own seed and plants and do their own weeding and watering, though there are opportunities for seed sharing and help with vacation watering. The park has its own water supply, May-October, provided by Plots are assigned on a first come, first served basis, in the Spring (March/April) of each year. Gardeners are asked to join in one or two garden preparation days, to help with whatever tilling, composting, tree-trimming or other work needs doing. A fee of $25 per plot helps defray costs of tiller rental, compost deliveries, and other costs of running the garden. We share tools, conversation and gardening wisdom all summer in the park and use an email discussion group for news and questions. The Community Garden is a great opportunity for parents to teach their children about gardening and the joys of growing, and eating, vegetables. Even a parent who is a novice at gardening can plant a few rows of squash and green beans and let their children watch what happens. There’s something magical about tiny seeds sprouting and becoming things we can eat. It’s a good excuse to be out in the park, where the kids find all kinds of other things to do and explore. And all the gardeners enjoy the interaction with neighbors and fellow gardeners.