Howard Area Community Garden

Contact Information: Email Molly at
Address: 1715-25 W Juneway Terrace
Neighborhood/Community Area: Rogers Park
Garden Established: 1982
Protected by NeighborSpace: 1999
Social Media/Website:
Facebook: @hacgarden
Website: Howard Area Community Garden
Fundraising: Howard Area Community Garden GoFundme
Community Partners: Howard Area Community Center
Garden Workdays: The third Saturday of each month, from May through October

About the Garden: (from Howard Area Community Garden on Facebook)
The 12,000sf lot on Juneway Terrace – the northernmost street in Chicago – could easily have become any number of things besides the award-winning Howard Area Community Garden. Seeing the garden today it is difficult to imagine anything in its place besides row after row of vegetables – everything from tomatoes and cucumbers to hot peppers and tall stalks of sweet corn – separated by low-lying fences covered in flowering vines and other creeping plants. However, this thriving space came very close to being turned into a parking lot for a nearby condominium development. Fortunately, the land had already been purchased by NeighborSpace, and this allowed the community gardeners to keep their plots and preserve green space valuable to this densely populated area.

Primarily used for growing vegetables, the Howard Area Community Garden gives residents the rare opportunity to grow their own fresh food and plants of all types in its 48 individual plots and three open growing areas.