Hermitage Street Community Garden

Contact Information: Cordia Pugh at hermitagestreetcommunitygarden@gmail.com
Address: 5643 S Hermitage
Neighborhood/Community Area: Englewood
Garden Established: 2011
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2014
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Facebook: Hermitage Community Gardens
Website: Hermitage Community Gardens
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About the Garden:
The Hermitage Community Gardens are located at 5643-55 S. Hermitage st, Chicago, IL 60636 and are dedicated to providing low income families with at risk and vulnerable youths with garden space, and education and recreation pavilions. The gardens have been established to help build the community with healthy green living space in an urban setting in the heart of our city, giving old and young alike the chance to get their hands in the soil and enjoy nature in a community setting. Our garden projects are a teaching and learning space for gardeners, students and volunteers! A place where we grow and harvest fresh, healthy food, conduct workshops and community events providing opportunities to learn and share knowledge and engage the community around issues of sustainable healthy living! The mission of the Hermitage Community Gardens is to use organic gardening lessons and workshops to encourage and help at-risk kids and families practice healthy growing and eating habits. We conduct annually a Summer Youth Camp that is a great way to engage youth and keep them safe during the summer months in our community.