Global Garden Refugee Training Farm

Contact Information: Contact a garden leader at
Address: 2954 W Lawrence Avenue
Neighborhood/Community Area: Albany Park
Garden Established: 2012
Leased by NeighborSpace: 2014
Social Media/Website:
Facebook: @globalgardenfarm
Website: Global Garden Refugee Training Farm
Fundraising: Donate to the Farm
Community Partners: North River Commission, Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly (CLESE)
Garden Workdays: Announced on the Facebook page: @globalgardenfarm

About the Garden: (From Global Garden Refugee Training Farm on Facebook)
100 families from Bhutan, Burma, Africa, and elsewhere have turned a vacant lot into a farm where they grow organic vegetables for home consumption and for selling to neighbors in Albany Park and surrounding communities.

The mission of Global Gardens Refugee Training Farm is to improve access to fresh vegetables for newly arrived refugee families and their urban neighbors; feed the souls of displaced farmers through re-connection with the soil and food production; provide supplemental income for participating refugee farmers; and foster new, refugee-operated farms