Fulton Street Flower and Vegetable Garden

Contact Information: Email Sam or Angela at taylor3433@yahoo.com
Address: 4427 W Fulton
Neighborhood/Community Area: West Garfield Park
Garden Established:
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2001
Social Media/Website:
Facebook: @fultongarden
Instagram: Fulton Street Flower and Vegetable Garden
Blog: Fulton Garden Blog
Community Partners: Garfield Park Community Council
Garden Workdays:
About the Garden: (From the Fulton Garden Blog)
Fulton Street Garden was revitalized by the Taylor family when they moved into the house next door a few years back.  With the Fulton Street Block club, they have developed a rich and productive garden, a meeting place for the community, and strong working relationships with city and not-for-profit entities.  The garden has been honored at the Mayors’ Landscaping Awards and has won competitions at the Garfield Park County Fair.  Each year, we strive to do as much as before and more by learning, teaching, growing, eating, laughing, relaxing, and most importantly, working hard under the Chicago sun!