Enrique Gonzalez Memorial Garden

Contact Information: hoxieprairiegarden@neighbor-space.org
Address: 2610-16 E 106th Street
Neighborhood/Community Area: South Deering
Garden Established: 2003
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2008
Social Media/Website:
Facebook: Hoxie Prairie Gardens

About the Garden:
The Hoxie Prairie Garden located in the South Deering Neighborhood of the 10th Ward, on the corner of 106th and Hoxie Avenue, and specializes in prairie plants, flowers and native grasses. The garden was founded in 2003 by the Barriga family, Openlands, Thank Heavens Church, and other neighbors who saw the need to clean up a vacant lot that was an eyesore for the community. Gardeners recruited neighbor Enrique Gonzalez to help them plant roses in the garden; over time, Enrique has risen to the position of garden leader. Enrique has organized community members to lay limestone pavement down to make a pathway and to help build fencing, a shed, and a gazebo. Each spring, the garden committee meets and chooses one big goal that seems nearly impossible, and then works throughout the summer to make it happen. With the help of community donations and a grant from Openlands, the Hoxie gardeners have been able to beautify the garden and make it into a special community gathering place.

In 2012, Hoxie Prairie won the award “Community Building Through Barbecuing” at GreenNet’s community garden potluck, recognizing their tireless efforts to host events such as pig roasts that bring in community members to educate them about the history of the garden.