Cedillos Fresh Produce (Formerly the Eat 2 Live Incubator Farm)

Contact Information: Cedillo’s Fresh Produce  | cedillofreshproduce@gmail.com 
Address: 7029 S Princeton Avenue
Neighborhood/Community Area: Greater Grand Crossing
Garden Established: 2013
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2016
Social Media/Website:

Website: Cedillosfreshproduce.com 
Community and Founding Partners: Grow Greater Englewood, Angelic Organics Learning Center, Real Men CharitiesBlack Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living


About the Garden:

This multi-parcel site was originally identified as a future incubator farm project initiated by Angelic Organic’s urban initiative Eat 2 Live.  Evolving out of efforts to improve food access, environmental health, and economic vitality, Eat 2 Live was built with support from the 6th ward Alderman’s office and the City of Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development.

In 2015, after the city’s improvement of the formerly vacant site, graduates from the Windy City Harvest worked with community leaders,  Grow Greater Englewood, and Angelic Organic’s  to further develop the site into a 7000 square foot growing site, from an incubator farm to a working family farm.  Juan and Dulce Cedillo now run the farm as Cedillo’s Fresh Produce. In 2020, they won the seventh annual Beginning Farmer of the Year Award from the Upper Midwest CRAFT Farmers Alliance.

Cedillo’s Fresh Produce is also working to re-establish the smaller community garden learning garden near the garden that has historically supported food donations to food relief orgs. Please email Cedillo’s (see contact info about) if you have a group that would like to support the care and maintenance of this community garden site.