Burling Park

Contact Information: burlingpark@yahoo.com
Address: 2931 N Burling Street
Neighborhood/Community Area: Lakeview
Garden Established: 2009
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2011
Social Media/Website:

Facebook: Burling Park of Lakeview
Community Partners: Friends of Burling Park

About the park: Burling Park is a small neighborhood park in Lakeview. It includes a substantial lawn, benches, ornamental trees, and protective fencing. It is an ideal spot for the many young families in the community, has become a focal point for the neighborhood, and often functions as the neighborhood “back yard.” Activities featured in Burling Park include storytime for children, T’ai Chi lessons, summer wine-tasting fundraisers, summer family gatherings (Toddler Time), and children’s entertainment during the annual Burling Street Block Party.