Burling Park

Contact Information: burlingparkchi@gmail.com
Address: 2931 N Burling Street
Neighborhood/Community Area: Lakeview
Garden Established: 2009
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2011
Social Media/Website: burlingparkchi.wixsite.com/burlingpark

Facebook: Burling Park of Lakeview
Community Partners: Friends of Burling Park

About the park:Burling Park is a small neighborhood park in Lakeview. It includes a substantial lawn, benches, ornamental trees and protective fencing. It is an ideal spot for the many young families in the community, has become a focal point for the neighborhood, and often functions as the neighborhood “backyard”. Various events are held throughout the year so please be sure to reach out if you want to be alerted to the happenings at Burling Park!

Burling Park is supported by Friends of Burling Park and NeighborSpace. Friends of Burling Park is a 501c3.