Bowmanville Gateway Garden

Contact Information:
Address: 5346 N Ravenswood Avenue
Neighborhood/Community Area: Lincoln Square
Garden Established: 2009
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2017
Social Media/Website: 

Website: Bowmanville Community Organization
Facebook: Bowmanville Community Organization
Community Partners: Bowmanville Community Organization

About the garden: Since 2009 the Bowmanville Gateway Garden has provided vital open space to grow food, build community, and learn key skills for a more sustainable future.  Situated at the intersection of Bowmanville, West Edgewater, West Andersonville, and the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor, the garden is a point of convergence for many diverse communities.

In 2017 the Bowmanville Community Organization partnered with NeighborSpace to permanently acquire the land on which the garden resides.  The garden now covers one-third of an acre– the equivalent of four city lots- and serves over 40 individual gardeners.

Within the expanded space, neighbors envision year-round food growing, ecological education for children and parents, accessible gardening for the elderly and persons with disabilities, and partnerships with local organizations.