1900 S. Ridgeway Enabling Garden

View NeighborSpace in a larger map Established: 1992 Local Leaders: Willie Marks and Mildred Harris Community Group: 1900 S. Ridgeway Block Club NeighborSpace Partnership: 1998 While most community gardens benefit their respective neighborhoods in a wide variety of ways, the 1900 S. Ridgeway Enabling Garden is one of a handful of green spaces in Chicago… Read more 1900 S. Ridgeway Enabling Garden

2100 South Central Park Block Club Garden

The 2100 South Central Block Club in Chicago turned a vacant lot into an urban oasis that features fruit trees and flowers with the help of the community and the Blessed Sacrament Improvement Committee. You wouldn’t know this community garden was once a dumping ground for abandoned cars and garbage.

Save the Date- Put the Garden to Bed II

Save the date Saturday, September 26 7:00-10:00p.m. at Rancho Verde, home of Christy Webber Landscapes   Bring the gardening season to a close in style. Don’t miss Put the Garden to Bed II featuring delicious seasonal food and drink, S’mores and the 2nd Annual NeighborSpace Garden Awards. Special thanks to Christy Webber for hosting.