Artist’s Garden


Contact Information:
Address: 8931-8935 S. Brandon Avenue
Neighborhood/Community Area: South Chicago
Garden Established: 2003
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2008
Social Media/Website:

Facebook: SkyArt
Community Partners: SkyArt

About the garden: In the spring of 2003 the South Chicago Art Center created a community garden on four city lots just north of the Center. This garden furthers our mission by promoting friendship, cultural pride and civic engagement in the neighborhood. The garden has been a catalyst for building community participation in civic affairs.

This mixed use garden offers an outdoor studio space for programming and a community garden for our neighbors.  The Artists’ Garden has received many awards in Mayor Daley’s Landscape Awards (2nd Place in 2009, honorable mention in 2008, 1st Place in 2007 and 3rd Place in 2006 & 2005). Art Center classes visit the garden to watercolor, catch bugs, draw and sculpt. More important than the produce itself are the interactions and relationships forged between neighbors.