Addison and Avondale Mural Garden

Contact Information:
Address: SE Addison and Avondale
Neighborhood/Community Area: Avondale
Garden Established: 2012
Protected by NeighborSpace: Leased 2013
Social Media/Website: Addison and Avondale Mural Garden
Community Partners: 

About the garden: In June of 2012, a small team of dedicated individuals helped transform a gloomy underpass at Addison and Avondale into a vibrant and dynamic mural by engaging over 200 individuals and businesses. The colorful and vibrant Addison and Avondale Mural was first conceived to not only beautify the space but to to bring neighbors together to make the community feel safer and more inviting.

The Addison and Avondale Mural Garden was created to compliment the mural and as another opportunity for the community to get together and continue to beautify the neighborhood. The colors of the flower garden offer a natural, lively, extension to the robust colors of the mural. The mural and the flower garden is enjoyed by butterflies, the community, and people passing through who find the rich scene refreshing and pleasant.