How to Unlock a Neighborhood’s Creative Potential

Community gardens catalyze outdoor community and allow neighbors to connect and build their ideal city.

Hermitage Street Community Gardens
United a network of neighbors, schools, and veterans’ groups in Englewood to create a unique meditation space.
Riverbank Neighbors
Harnessed untold volunteer hours for vibrant native plant restoration in Lincoln Square.
This creativity springs from the garden leaders who care for these sites year after year, and these gardens continue to blossom through the steady support of NeighborSpace.
We protect the land. We provide insurance, access to water, education, tools, and other resources. We offer both emergency support and long-range organizing. NeighborSpace does all this so neighbors can focus on what matters: stewarding their gardens, their neighborhoods, and their city.
Jardincito Nature Play Garden
Established Chicago’s first community-managed nature play garden in Little Village.
El Paseo Garden
Offered a dazzling array of activities ranging from a ladybug release to composting, yoga, and food preservation in Pilsen

Your donation to NeighborSpace allows these gardeners to keep their communities growing.

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