Share the Harvest: Dunning Community Garden

One of NeighborSpace’s newest gardens, Dunning Community Garden, shares a unique relationship with Wilbur Wright College in Dunning Square. The garden sits next to the Care Garden, which was started by students and faculty a few years ago. Students tend the plot during the school year while a professor and community gardeners from the garden “next door,” Dunning Community Garden, take care of it during the summer.

Building raised beds for an allotment garden next to the Care Garden gives the gardeners an opportunity to participate in growing food together for the community. The majority of the harvest from the garden goes to Sunshine Activity Center, an adult activity center dedicated to the development of life skills in persons with developmental disabilities. The garden has shared garlic, beans, basil and tomatoes with the center, and gardeners hope to share eggplant, corn and melons once they are ready for harvest.

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Green Beans

Lasagna made with basil from the Care Garden