NeighborSpace Year in Review: Honore Street Urban Farm

What makes your block into a neighborhood?

For many residents of Englewood, it’s Honore Street Urban Farm.

A part of Growing Home, Honore Street Urban Farm is a community-centered urban farm that will operate a year-round greenhouse, grow fresh healthy food for the area, and also provide workforce training in urban agriculture. As noted by Senator Dick Durbin at Honore Street Urban Farm’s groundbreaking ceremony, these elements can combine to cultivate something even stronger: community pride.

Honore Street Urban Farm is possible in part because NeighborSpace has preserved this land for the community for generations to come.

As we draw towards the end of 2012, we hope that you will consider donating to NeighborSpace. Every dollar allows us to support community-building and help more blocks feel like neighborhoods.

Senator Dick Durbin visits with community members at Growing Home’s Wood Street location during the Honore Street groundbreaking event