NeighborSpace Year in review: Paradise Garden

What makes your block into a neighborhood?

For many residents of the Austin neighborhood, it’s Paradise Garden.

Paradise Garden wasn’t always a paradise. In fact, the property once housed an abandoned building that the neighborhood children had to pass on their way to school. After a 14-year old girl was raped at the site, Mary Peery decided things had to change for the sake of those school children. Mary’s determination, together with the support from others, was instrumental in making this Austin’s first community garden.

For over two decades since, Paradise Garden has thrived under the leadership of Ms. Mary Peery. With the help of the Austin Green Team, Ms. Peery has helped transform the space from a crime-ridden empty lot into an urban oasis, complete with a gorgeous perennial gateway, shade trees, and vegetable beds. After over twenty years of tireless service and firecracker spirit, Ms. Peery has turned over the reins of leadership to Pat Jackson and Robert Hart so that future generations can continue to enjoy Paradise Garden.

These decades of community building have been possible in part because NeighborSpace preserved this land for the neighborhood.

As we draw towards the end of 2012, we hope that you will consider donating to NeighborSpace. Every dollar allows us to fund the efforts of community leaders like Ms. Peery and help more blocks feel like neighborhoods for generations to come.