Super Block Park

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The garden started in 1996 because Commander Bowling of the 11th District Police Department had a dream: if he could clean up one of the worst blocks in the 11th District, he could clean them all up. The lot was vacant and many people were using the space to do drugs, and the police officers thought it they spruced up the neighborhood it would reduce drug usage and keep people out of trouble. Ms. Nellie Carter from the block, Neighborhood Housing Services, Development Council, Greencorps Chicago, and NeighborSpace each played a role in turning the lot into a garden. Ms. Carter is one of the only gardeners, but there are sometimes school groups that will come and help out during garden work days. It mainly has flowers, but this past season Ms. Carter grew tomatoes. Reverend Williams has held church services in the garden, and there are block club parties and birthday parties during which people gather in the garden.

Contact: 773.489.4346