Day: June 23, 2012

Morganway Community Garden

View NeighborSpace in a larger map External site Morganway Community Garden and Park is located at 7844 S. Morgan Street in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood. It was created to beautify the community and provide more open space for community members.

Monticello Garden

View NeighborSpace in a larger map Website: Monticello Community Garden The garden started as an informal project. It was once an abandoned building that was torn down and then the community began to ‘guerrilla’ garden there. Around 2000 the lot was beginning to take some shape with the input of the neighbors on the 2200… Read more Monticello Garden

Hermitage Triangle Garden

View NeighborSpace in a larger map The garden was founded in 2008 by Brent Norsman and members of the Hermitage Triangle Gardeners, occupying a previously unmaintained parking lot. The Hermitage Triangle Gardeners is a group of 6-10 neighborhood residents that are avid gardeners who have wanted to beautify their neighborhood for some time. Contact: 773.772.8990

Burling Park

View NeighborSpace in a larger map Burling Park is a small neighborhood park in Lakeview. It includes a substantial lawn, benches, ornamental trees, and protective fencing. It is an ideal spot for the many young families in the community, and has become a focal point for the neighborhood. Activities featured in Burling Park include storytime… Read more Burling Park