Pullman Gateway Garden

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This land, the “front door” of the Pullman Historic Landmark district, was overgrown with weed trees, used by vagrants, and full of trash when, in 2001, plans were first made for the garden. The lot is owned by US Bank (formerly Park National Bank), which kindly leases it for $2 a year, and the site was designed with the help of a $12,000 grant from the Chicago Botanic Garden. Some trees were cut down, better and healthier trees retained, a huge amount of topsoil brought in, and a raised berm created for visual interest. The ongoing design includes newer trees, a red gravel path leading to curved stone seating at the west end, a spring bulb garden, and 76 boxwoods planted in 2005. The large limestone rocks scattered throughout were originally part of the Pullman water tower near the factory (torn down in 1957) and loaned to this centerpiece garden as natural extra seating by the Pullman State Historic Site. More perennials and greenery will continue to be added in future years, and this gateway garden will serve as a peaceful oasis for the neighborhood and its visitors to enjoy for many years to come.