1900 S Ridgeway Enabling Garden

Contact Information: nlgreeningcommittee@gmail.com
Address: 1900 S Ridgeway
Neighborhood/Community Area: North Lawndale
Garden Established: 1992
Protected by NeighborSpace: 1998
Social Media/Website: 1900 S Ridgeway Enabling Garden
Community Partners: North Lawndale Greening Committee

About the Garden: While most community gardens benefit their respective neighborhoods in a wide variety of ways, the 1900 S. Ridgeway Enabling Garden is one of a handful of green spaces in Chicago created with the needs of a particular segment of the population in mind. One of the oldest community gardens in North Lawndale, the space is used regularly by all local residents, but it was created to welcome the many senior citizens who live on the block and in the immediate vicinity. The specially designed beds of flowers and other blooming plants encircling the spacious corner lot are raised several feet above the ground, enabling seniors to care for the plants in comfort and increasing their activity both physically and socially.

But the garden’s benefits are not limited to just the older residents.The presence of the 1900 S. Ridgeway Enabling Garden has played a significant role in the greening of the neighborhood and stimulating both social and educational activities among residents of all ages. It has prompted many homeowners on the block to plant gardens of their own, creating a continuous stretch of vibrant hues that virtually glow in the summer sun. Neighborhood children work in the Enabling Garden alongside the adults, pulling weeds and performing other tasks, as well as learning about the different plants – almost as if they have their own outdoor classroom. One of the goals for the garden is the installation of plaques identifying each plant species and its characteristics.

The garden has evolved into a significant gathering space for not only seniors tending it, but all residents who have come to appreciate it as an urban oasis.