1900 S Avers Block Club Garden

Contact Information: Email Johnny at johnny.dio.100@gmail.com or Darlene at Darlene_disco@yahoo.com
Address: 1900 S Avers
Neighborhood/Community Area: North Lawndale
Garden Established: 2003
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2015
Social Media/Website:
Community Partners: Chicago Botanic Garden

About the Garden: The 1900-2100 Avers Block Club Garden has been in existence for more than a decade. In that time, it has proved a crucial stage for the 1900-2100 Avers Block Club to promote safety and community cohesiveness. Situated in the middle of the very strong Block Club’s two-block-long purview it has been a visible symbol of the blocks sticking together in the face of violence and foreclosure. The garden is currently comprised of a standard city-owned corner lot and designed as a small, passive park-like space complete with bulbs, ornamental shrubs, a bird bath, and several flower pots. It is bounded by a short chain-link fence on three sides, and a taller wooden fence along the alley. In the past the garden had received support from Greencorp Chicago and bares the stamp of the program’s signature wooden benches. Recently it has received assistance from the Chicago Botanic Garden, whose Green Youth Farm resides only a short walk away. The garden group plans to transform the site with a stepping stone path and at least six raised vegetable beds along the sunny northern half of the garden.