Bush Community Garden of Hope

Contact Information: trees4southchicago@yahoo.com
Address: 8457-59 S Buffalo Avenue
Neighborhood/Community Area: South Chicago
Garden Established: 2004
Protected by NeighborSpace: 2007
Social Media/Website:

Facebook: Bush Community Garden of Hope
Community Partners: The Southeast Environmental Task Force

About the garden: The Bush Community Garden of Hope, located on Chicago’s far South-East Side, was created by the area residents, their children, and community organizations to help beautify the neighborhood. The garden sits on what used to be two empty lots but with the assistance of local gardeners and a dedicated community, the garden is a safe-haven for children to play and plants to grow.  Bush Community Garden of Hope has a thriving vegetable and fruit garden and the gardeners enjoy watching their hard work develop into delicious fresh food.

The garden is also used by the community as a place to socialize, hold special events, relax, and share the love of and tips for gardening.